Automate timekeeping with detailed timesheets coming from Biometric Finger Scanner time clocking software.

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Admin Tools

Selected user that allowed to maintain table lookup like branch, banks, designation, department, loans etc.

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Overtime must be applied on their respective login account using Overtime module that available for every employee.

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Leave Management

Flexible leave management system used for applying leave online and also knowing your leave status & available leave to used.

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HRMS & Payroll System
with the process of automation

Customized software is now great improvements now-a-days with increasing automation process within many companies. We developed Web Application of Human Resource Management System (HRMS) & Payroll System that allows HR & Payroll staffs working in computerize transaction using their mobile phone or Desktop computer. Using this online system you can significantly reduce the manual HR & Payroll workload to carry out multiple tasks in any location with internet browser.

Web application is a technology perform through internet browser that run program in a remote server. Human Resources Management System (HRMS) or Payroll System that HR/Accounting staffs can access the system in any location with internet connection to do their jobs. Most businesses are looking ways to cut costs, automate payroll easily and maintain the security of the company's data.

Mobile technology of HRMS involves tracking employee histories, skills, abilities, salaries, and accomplishments. HRMS systems can distribute information management responsibilities so that the bulk of information gathering is not delegated strictly to HR staff. Allowing HR Management at the fingertips of employees to retrieve their own personal information and perform other tasks like checking the history of pay slip, loan deduction, viewing their own timesheet etc.

Adopting an online portal system of your employees eliminate most of paper being used, employees are prefer to receive information electronically via sms or email. Implementing a web based HR Management and Payroll process is a win-win solution for everyone that can access information anytime as needed.

Many businesses today used computer software to gather and aggregate payroll data, and also look outside companies to outsource their company payroll processing. Software and service providers now a days offer Web-based cloud computing options in regards with HRMS and Payroll Automation and other web based application.

Advantage of Payroll Automation

  1. Automated payroll system quickly performs all types of payments, from basic salary and hourly wages to more complex functions like overtime, holiday pay, special holiday pay, commissions, bonuses, add back pay and automated salary deduction of cash advance & loans.
  2. Reduce payroll processing costs and eliminate human errors in making invoices and paychecks.
  3. Payroll calculations of weekly or semi-monthly basis, filling out government forms, and prepared checks for various taxes and payments are already available in the system.
  4. Avoid potential legal ramifications that they must worry about because the payroll computation is done by the system especially in mandatory government contribution and taxes.

Personal Information Sheet

PIS can manage human data in various category like personal, educational background, demographic details, allowances, working history etc.

DTR Biometric Finger Scanner

Attendance solutions to keep track the Daily Time Records in which workers are required fingerprit to scan in DTR Finger Scanner when arriving or leaving for work.

Loans & Deduction

Flexible loans & deduction data entry module that can connect during payroll processing to deduct automatically to their salary.

Government Remittances

Generate monthly remittance report of SSS Contribution, Pagibig Contribution, Philhealth Contribution, Tax Deduction and Income Tax Return etc.

Pinoy Web Application Dashboard

How to Improve HR and Payroll Processing

Eliminate Paper from HR Processes

Automated Filling Form - Most HR tasks can be accomplished online with automated filing and recording information to database server for easy retrieval of records like vacation leave, sick leave, locator slip, overtime and payroll documents etc.

Employees Can Access Personal Information – With online HR application, your employees personal files of their own HR needs and understand the company requirements. Allow employees access to their own records and reduce the probability of questions and eliminate paper works.

HR Documents & Automation Process – HR and Payroll administration is loaded a lot of documents and many employers get into trouble for not complying with certain requirements just because of human error that is avoidable by using the system to do the task. Creating a digital HR web application is now great improvement technologies now a days to reduce the chances of human error and automatically applied latest legal requirements and HR practices.

Simplify the Payroll Processing

Manual data re-entry is prone to errors, you’ll want to automate the daily time records (DTR) to your payroll system is possible using the biometric finger scanner to record time-in/time-out of all employees. Overtime pay, holiday pay, leave pay and deduction from salary is automatically done by the system to avoid possible human errors.

Government Compliance by Automating Filing and Reporting

Payroll withholding tax and mandatory monthly contribution have a possible changes. It’s impossible for one or several individuals to keep track of the many changes coming out from the government. Withholding tax calculations and contribution are complex, and there are too many filing deadlines to remember. An automated payroll solution will help you ensure that payroll deductions and taxes are calculated correctly, tax deposits are made, and reporting is completed on time.

Migrate to a New Payroll System

Changes of payroll systems must be done on January 1st of a year, because it is the simplest way of transition data prior to new system. The year tax returns and annual reporting have been completed and there are no year-to-date totals to balance in the new payroll solution.

Personal Details

Personal Information Sheet

Job Information

PIS Job Information

Biometric Finger Scanner

DTR Time-In & Time-Out

Generate Timesheet

Generate Timesheet

Employee Timesheet Confirmation

Confirm Timesheet

Head Department Timesheet Approval

Approved Timesheet

Loan & Deduction

HRMS Loan and Deduction

Deduction History

HRMS Loan and Deduction history details

Payslip Report

Payroll Payslip

Payroll Summary Report

Payroll Detailed Report

Encrypt Sensitive Information

Important data like address, sss no., tin no., pagibig no. and phil-health number are encrypted to safeguard the sensitive information. Only this web-application can decrypt the encrypted data to a readable format.

HRMS Employee Information

About Us

Ruben B. Corral

Website Owner / Programmer
Web Application Developer

www.pinoy-web-application.com is personally developed by me using ASP.net MVC5. Programming languages & databases I use are VB.Net, C#, LINQ, jQuery, HTML helper, Razor, Bootsrap, javascript, SignalR, JSON, MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle, and MS Access. Through my own learning process and long experience in windows programming I developed this web-application program focused on Human Resources and Management System (HRMS) and Payroll System. This web application is mobile responsive design that work on any device with internet browser.

Objective of this web application is to automate the process of Timekeeping, retrieval of employee personal files, mandatory remittances report from SSS, Phil-Health, Pagibig, BIR and Payroll processing. Real time online monitoring of Daily Time Records (DTR) coming from biometric device Finger Scanner Time-In/Time-Out System that I developed. The company will save a lot of papers, less manpower of clerical works, eliminate printing of pay slip because it’s available on each respective dashboard login account. Using this web-application the employee will benefited on this because all personal information is available on designated account, monitor their DTR, loans deduction history, filling of leave & overtime on his mobile phone or computer desktop.

Currently employed in Frey-Fil Corporation as a Computer Programmer, I work also as a Software Engineer of Filmetrics Corporation, working as part of its software development team. I work at home during Saturdays or Holidays engaged by my previous employer, Savant Technologies, Inc., where I gained most of my programming knowledge.

My name is Ruben B. Corral, with 15 year experience in developing programs in windows application. Now I'm looking for a company want to hire my newly developed web-application program. Only service I can offer is to help you establish and support this application (Online HRMS & Payroll System) using your own servers or we can help you to setup this application using the hosting company currently used on my web development.

We also looking Accounting firm located in the Philippines willing to partner and improved this web based application related in Online Human Resources & Management System (HRMS) and Payroll System then expand it to customized accounting system. I need accounting person with knowledgeable in labor code to adopted the rule of computation payroll process and give advice how to do it. This application is almost 80% done... the logic computation based on my experience in windows application that I already developed but need accounting audit to confirm if the computation is correct. I will demo and discuss personally all the module on this web application to give you an idea how the system work.

Let's team up together to customized the manual process of daily accounting works... the procedure guideline is yours and I will developed the system based on provided process flow in accounting data gathering. Make this ongoing project grow and simplify the process of accounting work online in any location with internet connection.

I’m also looking a company that needed a Computer Programmer or Web Application Developer near on my home city address San Jose Del Monte City, Bulacan, please let me know… willing to apply. My reason why looking a new job because I‘am tired of traffic and long ride going to work in my current job located in West Avenue, Quezon City.

Interested companies kindly Contact Us through email. THANK YOU !!!.

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