Digital Persona U.are.U 4500 Finger Print Reader is my Software Development Kit (SDK) used to develop Daily Time Records (DTR) Attendance System which is designed to captures the time-in / time-out logs for every employee's and also embed text to speech features... need speaker to prompt the user what is going on. Most of company today are now using Biometric fingerprint authentication to be used in time attendance that accurately and timely tracked for management reporting and also for accounting payroll processing.

Digital Persona U are U 4500

Benefits of DTR System

  • Project managers or supervisor who need to monitor the statistic of daily manpower and calculate overtime and allowances cost etc.

  • Regardless of where your employees are on other site their attendance time logs can be tracked because every DTR Finger Scanner system are designed to set a client branch ID Number to keep track the stored time log coming from the device have designated branch ID reference.

  • The productivity of Human Resources and Payroll departments will be effective and error free because the information are stored on the server, the retrieval of data is programmatically given. Companies will save a lot on operating costs related to human errors, fraud and excess payment of staff overtime and also eliminate printing of pay slip because it's already available on their respective account login.

  • Using admin tools or log-out button only registered admin user are allowed to use... the system will require to scan your finger print and verify if user is authenticated as admin user.

  • Great return of investment using this DTR Finger Scanner attendance system.

Downlod DTR Biometric Finger Scanner

Requirement how to install DTR Finger Scanner

  • Register in HRMS & Payroll System (verified account and approved by Administrator).
  • After approved, you will receive email that contain settings to be used in initial setup in biometric finger scanner settings.
  • Supporting device is Digital Persona U.areU 4500.
  • Install SDK One Touch for Windows 1.61 (32bit or 64bit).
  • Install Biometric Finger Scanner
  • Run the Biometric Finger Scanner, make it sure the device Finger Scanner must be connected to USB port and also with internet connection.
  • Initial setup, in Main Screen click "Admin Tools" then input the setting assigned to you to connect in HRMS and Payroll System database.
  • Only name listed in your HRMS employee data can enroll in the biometric finger scanner. For the purpose of testing you can add employee in your account up to 50 employees.

Notes: Need help, kindly email using Contact form in HRMS & Payroll System.

DTR Application Screenshot

Biometric Finger Scanner Time-In/Time-Out
Finger Scanner Admin Tools
Finger Scanner Admin Enrollment
Finger Print Enrollment

The DTR finger scanner system is required an internet connection to stored time logs coming from the device where the Pinoy Web Application data center is located.