This tools can help HR department to know the list of employee's enrolled in Biometric Finger Scanner Time and Attendance and also control tampering employee fingerprint that already enrolled. They can also assign employee to give access in Admin Tools in Finger Scanner to be used in adding new employee fingerprint enrollment or delete enrolled employee.

HR personnel has to manage daily attendance manually, it can be quite time-consuming. A biometric device time-in and time-out attendance, all employees have to do is scan their fingerprint that already enrolled to logs their time. When an employer needs to know anything about time and attendance, they can quickly and easily generate report in manpower count report using PC, laptop or mobile phone with internet browser.

HR Tools Biometric Fingerprint Monitoring

When it comes to a business’s HR department, the implementation of biometrics finger scanner time and attendance system offers a number of additional benefits which can integrate to a payroll automation.