HRMS Employee Online Account

Employee self-service is now common used in modern HRMS or HRIS web application to eliminate asking question to HR department regarding their salaries, leave, loan deduction and other information that available in the system. An automated HR web application provides better employee self-service and employee satisfaction.

Employee can check their available vacation leave, sick leave, pay slip or ability to work at home. Filing of overtime work, request temporary shift schedule and leave benefits is a convenient way using a paperless online form.

Employee Role Access

Protect your data privacy by not disclosing your user login & password to others.

HRMS Employee Online Account

Module Access

Personal Information

Online Filing

  • Overtime
  • Leave
  • Locator Slip
  • Temporary Ship
  • Broken Time
  • Failure In/Out

DTR Inquiry

  • Time Logs
  • Paired Logs
  • Computation

Inbox Notification

  • Invalid timesheet
  • Confirm timesheet computation



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