Payroll System Web Application Process Flow

Payroll processing performs many tasks to ensure accurate deduction of tax, loans & mandatory contribution of SSS, Philhealth, Pagibig and others deduction. Pinoy Web Application designed for automation of process to avoid padding of time or eliminate fraud most of all the payroll output in a minutes.

Before Timesheet processing make a changes to the employee's HR Record, if applicable. This includes: payroll deduction changes, such as tax status and other deduction using the available module HR Data Maintenance.

The sequence of automation process are:

  1. Source data from finger scanner time-in / time-out. Biometric Finger Scanner
  2. Generate timesheet covered pay period. Generate Timesheet
  3. Input the locator slip time-in / time-out sign by authorized person. Locator Slip Locator Slip Data Entry
  4. Verify leave & overtime monitoring module if have a pending approval covered on the pay period.
  5. If the process sequence 1 to 4 is done... the payroll clerk should be notify the employee using the module of Timesheet Approval for confirmation to receive a notification mail of every employee dashboard account.
  6. Employee will review and confirmed their own timesheet... if have an invalid record in/out the system show a link EDIT to modify with a valid reason for approval of head department. Employee Timesheet
  7. Approval of Timesheet by head department prior for payroll processing.
  8. Input the Adjustment Pay, Add Back Pay & Other Income using module data entry if any before the processing of approved timesheet. Adjustment Pay Data Entry
  9. Process Timesheet... after the processing is done the system send a notification mail to payroll approver for review. Payroll Processing
  10. Pay period Payroll Approval. Payroll Head Department Approval

    Payroll Summary Report

    Payroll Detailed Report
  11. After payroll pay period schedule is approved the pay slip is now viewable to the employee dashboard account.
  12. Generate Pay slip for paper documentation or archives payroll file output in pdf or excel format. Payroll Pay slip