Time & attendance software is used by companies and HR departments to simplify time tracking using Biometric fingerprint authentication. The system give businesses everything they need to track and manage all aspects of their employees' time logs. Daily Time Records (DTR) Time and Attendance Software which is designed to captures the time-in / time-out logs. Employee self-service using their online user account to access the web application to verify their daily time logs or computed timesheet.

HR and Payroll Web Application embedded a time and attendance software that top management can view a real time manpower count report like present, absent or late using their mobile phone. HR staff can generate timesheet for every pay period and those employee with invalid logs, the system automatically notify the employee to modify only with invalid logs is editable that subject for approval of head department.

Finger Scanner Time-In/Out
Timekeeping Reports

These solutions manage company time and attendance data by automatically calculating all hours worked as well as approved leave, holidays, and overtime. Timesheet processing is to distribute work hour based on regular day, rest day, special holiday, regular holiday etc. It contains Regular Time (RT), Overtime (OT), Overtime Night Differential (OTND), Night Differential (ND) in output report.

Time & attendance systems typically integrate with payroll software or payroll services providers to export all employee attendance data. In HR and Payroll Web Application is streamline work process of 3 steps with audit logs to produce timesheet & payroll reports:

  • Generate Timesheet
  • Process Timesheet
  • Process Man-hour Distribution