Timekeeping System and Timesheet Processing

Paper timesheets daily time record is to track when employees start and end their work hours a day, but today's technologies used biometric finger scanner or other digital device to record daily time attendance In/Out.

Tracking of employee's time-In/Out accurately using the system help the company to reduce payroll costs, and speed-up the processing of payroll. The employee also can easily monitor daily time record on mobile phone using their account in web application after check-in or check-out from biometric finger scanner reader if their logs is capture by the device.

Pinoy-web-application.com developed timekeeping module that the timekeeper staff can generate timesheet from biometric finger scanner logs stored in the data server during pay-period. Those employee timesheet with invalid records is automatically notify by the system for editing then subject for approval by head department. Before timesheet processing, holiday date most add to holiday table if any, all pending approval of overtime work, locator slip, leave benefits and temporary shift schedule most approved first. Processing timesheet without knowing pending status the system can handle it to prompt the user that have a pending approval to be approve.

Generate Timesheet from Biometric Finger Scanner

After the timesheet processing is done the timekeeper staff can visual check the report of man-hour distribution if output is correct. Commonly errors occur if the employee change schedule not filed the computation is possible negative and also the report output flag as red color in date column for visible error. If the man-hour distribution is completely okay ready for confirmation by employee, the timekeeper staff used module Send Confirmation to notify all employee to review their timesheet computation after that approval by the head department prior for payroll processing.

Process Timesheet Daily Time Record