Programming School Thesis Web Application Project

List of possible software application to be developed in a programming project in school thesis. read more »

Free Download Admin Web Application Templates

Looking for website admin template for free download... here the list might suit your needs. All templates have basic features like a dashboard, charts, tables, form elements, pre-built pages, UI elements, and some useful widgets. All the templates are mobile responsive, so your development focused on web content and web application logic. read more »

ASP.Net C# MVC Lotto Lucky Pick Number Free Source Code

Let's play lotto lucky pick number using ASP.Net C# MVC coding... i share this code for fun and learn from it. This lotto lucky pick web application is currently used in my website, you can visit and try to generate lotto lucky number. If you are newbies in C# MVC Web Application Developer using Microsoft Visual Studio Community Edition this sample code will help you learn basic programming logic. read more »

VB.Net Database Connection Class for MS SQL & Access, Oracle

Are you looking a database connection class to connect the database using VB.Net try this code. I found this code DB Connection class when started coding in VB.Net by searching to the internet. This code is useful for student or newbies programmer to experiment this class how to connect database, Create, Delete, Retrieve or Delete record. read more »

Free PDF Books Download Programming eBooks

If you are looking PDF programming eBooks to gain a particular knowledge from the author that are available for download. We search into the Internet to compile this list of website that offer download free e-books for educational purposes only. read more »

ASP.NET MVC Adding Facebook Like buttons and using the Graph API

Adding social features is a very important factor to every site owners to bring extra exposure of page content and visitor who interested the article or blogs you write. Social features also bring extra users if they shares or like the page to their Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or other social media button that their friends circle might interested on the topic they like or share and therefore more likely to interact the topic it convert a traffic on your website. read more »

How to Fixed Error in Role based Authorization Attributes in Controller

Debugging the error I try to run web page accessing data to Sql Server without Authorization Attributes in controller it works no error... so i conclude the error is in Role based Authorization Attributes. I Googled the error message and I found a forum asking same error that we encounter the suggestion is put in web.config a one line of code using <remove name="RoleManager"/ > without any explanation. read more »

C# How to get Time Zone Date and Time in the Philippines

The TimeZone class recognizes local time zone, and can convert times between Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) and local time. A TimeZoneInfo object can represent any time zone, and methods of the TimeZoneInfo class can be used to convert the time in one time zone to the corresponding time in any other time zone. read more »