earning Elastic Stack 6.0: A beginner's guide to distributed search, analytics, and visualization using Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana

earning Elastic Stack 6.0: A beginner's guide to distributed search, analytics, and visualization using Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana

AUTHOR: Pranav Shukla; Sharath Kumar M N


PAGES: 434

ISBN-10: 1787281868; ISBN-13: 978-1787281868

Deliver end-to-end real-time distributed data processing solutions by leveraging the power of Elastic Stack 6.0

Key Features
* Get to grips with the new features introduced in Elastic Stack 6.0
* Get valuable insights from your data by working with the different components of the Elastic stack such as * Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana, X-Pack, and Beats
* Includes handy tips and techniques to build, deploy and manage your Elastic applications efficiently on-premise or on the cloud

Book Description
The Elastic Stack is a powerful combination of tools for distributed search, analytics, logging, and visualization of data from medium to massive data sets. The newly released Elastic Stack 6.0 brings new features and capabilities that empower users to find unique, actionable insights through these techniques. This book will give you a fundamental understanding of what the stack is all about, and how to use it efficiently to build powerful real-time data processing applications.

After a quick overview of the newly introduced features in Elastic Stack 6.0, you'll learn how to set up the stack by installing the tools, and see their basic configurations. Then it shows you how to use Elasticsearch for distributed searching and analytics, along with Logstash for logging, and Kibana for data visualization. It also demonstrates the creation of custom plugins using Kibana and Beats. You'll find out about Elastic X-Pack, a useful extension for effective security and monitoring. We also provide useful tips on how to use the Elastic Cloud and deploy the Elastic Stack in production environments.

On completing this book, you'll have a solid foundational knowledge of the basic Elastic Stack functionalities. You'll also have a good understanding of the role of each component in the stack to solve different data processing problems.

What you will learn
* Familiarize yourself with the different components of the Elastic Stack
* Get to know the new functionalities introduced in Elastic Stack 6.0
* Effectively build your data pipeline to get data from terabytes or petabytes of data into Elasticsearch and Logstash for searching and logging
* Use Kibana to visualize data and tell data stories in real-time
* Secure, monitor, and use the alerting and reporting capabilities of Elastic Stack
* Take your Elastic application to an on-premise or cloud-based production environment

Who This Book Is For
This book is for data professionals who want to get amazing insights and business metrics from their data sources. If you want to get a fundamental understanding of the Elastic Stack for distributed, real-time processing of data, this book will help you. A fundamental knowledge of JSON would be useful, but is not mandatory. No previous experience with the Elastic Stack is required.

About the Author
Pranav Shukla is the founder and CEO of Valens DataLabs, a technologist, husband, and father of two. He is a big data architect and software craftsman who uses JVM-based languages. Pranav has diverse experience of over 14 years in architecting enterprise applications for Fortune 500 companies and start-ups. His core expertise lies in building JVM-based, scalable, reactive, and data-driven applications using Java/Scala, the Hadoop ecosystem, Apache Spark, and NoSQL databases. He is a big data engineering, analytics, and machine learning enthusiast.
Pranav founded Valens DataLabs with a vision to help companies leverage data to their competitive advantage. Valens DataLabs specializes in developing next-generation, cloud-based, reactive, and data-intensive applications using big data and web technologies. The company believes in agile practices, lean principles, test-driven and behavior-driven development, continuous integration, and continuous delivery for sustainable software systems.
In his free time, he enjoys reading books, playing musical instruments, singing, listening to music, and watching cricket. You can follow him on Twitter at @pranavshukla81.

Sharath Kumar M N has done his masters in Computer Science at The University of Texas, Dallas, USA. He is currently working as an Big Data Architect at CA Technologies. Prior to this, he was working as an Elasticsearch Solutions Architect at Oracle. He is an Elastic Stack advocate, and being an avid speaker he has also given several tech talks in conferences such as the Oracle Code Event. Sharath is a certified trainer-Elastic Certified Instructor-one of the few technology experts in the world who has been certified by Elastic Inc to deliver their official from the creators of Elastic training. He is also a data science and machine learning enthusiast. His new interests are into DevOps and AIOps.

In his free time, he enjoys trekking, listening to music, playing with his lovely pets Guddu and Milo.


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