Operating System Concepts (9th Edition)

Operating System Concepts (9th Edition)

AUTHOR: Abraham Silberschatz; Peter B. Galvin; Greg Gagne


PAGES: 976

ISBN-10: 1118063333; ISBN-13: 978-1118063330

Operating System Concepts, now inits ninth edition, continues to provide a solidtheoretical foundation for understanding operatingsystems. The ninth edition has been thoroughly updated toinclude contemporary examples of how operating systems function.The text includes content to bridge the gap between concepts andactual implementations. End-of-chapter problems, exercises, reviewquestions, and programming exercises help to further reinforceimportant concepts. A new Virtual Machine providesinteractive exercises to help engage students with thematerial.

From the Back Cover

This new Ninth Edition of Silberschatz, Galvin, and Gagne's Operating System Concepts introduces the fundamental concepts of the field as well as cutting edge developments to give students a broad understanding of the fast-developing world of operating systems.

Changes in the new edition were guided by recent growth in three key areas that have affected operating systems: multicore systems, mobile computing, and virtualization. Relevant coverage of these topics has been integrated throughout this new edition, or in the case of virtualization, comprises an entirely new chapter. Additionally, nearly every chapter has been updated with new material and older material has been removed.

New to this edition:

Substantive organizational changes including:
- Real-time systems integrated as appropriate throughout the text instead of concentrated in a single chapter.
- Re-ordered chapters on storage management.
- Presentation of process synchronization now appears before process scheduling.

* New Chapter 16, Virtual Machines, provides an overview of virtualization and how it relates to contemporary operating systems.
* New Chapter 17, Distributed Systems, combines a selection of materials from previous Chapters 16, 17, and 18.
* The Linux Systems chapter has been updated to cover the Linux Kernel version 3.0
* A new Linux virtual machine including Linux source code is provided on the supporting web site. This virtual machine also includes a development environment with compilers and editors. Most of the programming assignments can be completed using this virtual machine.
* Over 60 new written exercises and over 20 new programming problems and projects, most involving processes, threads, process synchronization, and memory management. Some involve adding kernel modules to the Linux system.

The Ninth Edition of this respected text continues to present students with real-world operating systems to illustrate fundamental operating concepts. Students are able to bridge the gap between concepts and actual implementations by learning a solid theoretical foundation of operating systems.


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